pleje og opmærksomhed for ældre

My name is Nicoletta at 27. from Bulgaria. 162cm high. 48kg. Black hair. brown eyes offer care and attention to an elderly gentleman or a lady who needs company care and a friend at home. I live very poorly and have no home of my own. people who have no relatives, sick, alone. i would love to have my home someday. I suggest my attention against an apartment or house. I am ready to take care of sick elderly people for the rest of their lives. i know there is a god and he loves good people. I am ready to give happiness and a smile with care for the good people. cooking, cleaning, walking together, I'm ready to live with the person who is ready to give me my own home. if you want to contact me please contact me at 91412339 or Bulgarian number 00359877392604
Placering:Hovedstaden, 2300 København S
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